yesterday and the friend inadvertently talked about the thunderbolt, download software, friends do not know what is the user experience, do not understand the UE design of this term, but we all agreed about the thunder in a problem on the user experience.

is the case, friends say, he want to download a 20 episode TV series, because you want to download a few sets, so when you select the file download task to select only 10 sets, downloading 10 sets, download task is completed, a friend wanted to download the rest, so in the re open the download seeds, just choose the remaining 10 sets, you have a problem, the thunder tip: you download task already exists, re download will delete the original.

is generally a concern, click OK, will my original 10 set delete? My friend is like that, so I put the original download task, the trash all empty, finally to insurance, the original download a good move to another place, this dare to start the download.

the problem I have encountered before, I think this is actually, the thunder is designed in such a way that that is in the same file download will delete tasks inside the file if different, won’t do any operation. Friends said he was not sure of this situation, nor dare to risk, and worked hard to download, and accidentally, it will be too late to regret. It’s about the point, about the user experience. The obvious question, the thunder makes users have panic, had some knowledge of computer or who will understand the design, but the user experience should not allow users to leave more space to think, especially in the face of the most users will be some of the software on the computer is absolutely ignorant of groups, they use a product that will only do some default operation, do not want to think, do not want to judge. So we are talking about the user experience, the user is really a fool to design products, there are best not what things let the user get ready to accept either course, no idea, confused, it is failed……..

article starting in more than Fox network: Adsense network news list

will spend money to make money? So you will spend money? Can you make the most of your money? How to spend the most happiness? May wish to follow Xiaobian together, together with the search, looking for money to spend a small coup, looking for a good way to spend money, so you better spend money!

We all cried

concrete can be illustrated by numbers: 10 hours / day *5 days / week *52 week / year   =  2600 hours, which is a specific time every year I sat in that chair. Maybe I need to take a few weeks off every year, but I may have to work late or work on weekends, so the special circumstances can be ignored.

not only in the work process, comfort principle applies to your life and any other time, if you love a busy after work hours in the backyard gardening equipment can buy a set of high quality; if you exercise every day if the quality of good shoes and sportswear if necessary; cycling work or weekend love cycling, you should buy a better horse. If you or your family like to cook every day, the handy kitchen utensils will make your fun double.

No matter whether you have

a few days ago, our company has handled several business transactions, and then we will analyze the problems between these exchanges.

this article describes how our company is dealing with these customers and units

our company is a new start-up company, the main business is the construction of Heze website, e-commerce promotion and some other technology products. And attached to the government bidding project. Because we are just graduated from college, not to do not understand things we encountered problems and many problems, then I write them down so tell me what you know ~


four graduated, I took over the construction site a talent center, the customer due to collapse of the company, want to recover from me for my money website design. In this regard, the customer used the next three indiscriminate means, I do not know where to get my parents’ phone, called to say I cheated, cheated him 2000 yuan. My father ordered that the money should be paid back first.

The biggest problem is the

the client did not think I can contact with his company, with his company that initial contact: he said he was with his company to talk about the price is 3200 yuan, plus 500 yuan each month, editor of the website cost, I gave him the total price is 2300 yuan. After the completion of the full payment of the whole paragraph, because when he said the company is not convenient, hit 2000 to me.


has been involved in the family, I can only step back, after all they are three excessive manipulation, step back and we are doing business as boundless as the sea and sky, and take a step as boundless as the sea and sky.

the next thing to do is this:

the refund must be refunded, but I’m not sure who to return it to the client. The company is definitely looking for me. To the company, that customers under three indiscriminate tactics, not harassment of my family every day, parents


asked his company to contact him first, and then let his company know he was asking me for a refund. Then let him settle inside the company.

questions are eventually answered and refunded to the customer. So far, problem solving,

, there are pictures, there is truth ~ ~


, the next customer who the next all sorts of strange things,? Gaoping road

sugar cake!

the customer is very interesting, in our Heze Commodity City, we find the Heze site of the company, then a friend to contact our company, the friends under the cruel must be pumped into it, the customer first payment pumping There is not much left.

finished, and after a lot of twists and turns, dealing with pictures and the like. The end of the paragraph, the problem appears. The customer said the family had a lawsuit and temporarily closed the site. Then the company will wait, ah, and so on, and so on, thanks to all the flowers, the lawsuit finished, the customer said the site does not do… We pay for the effort. All for naught. The tail.

site friends generally go through three stages, can smooth past, is the success of the webmaster.

the first stage is the new period.

now the domain name records management is strict, possibly manages the website to have the difficulty, before manages the website to be supposed to be very convenient. So, there are many interested in doing web site friends, buy a domain name and space, after the success of the record, the site was established. Because it is new station, these webmaster for what is very curious, also every day to search engine to see their website collection and ranking, Chen Zhongping in many webmaster class website often see these people’s footprint. These webmaster is also very diligent, often consult others, and some still looking for master, for some promotion of words and means are also full of interest. It can be said that in their own efforts, the growth of the site to the webmaster brought a lot of joy.

the most annoying mistake at this stage is not careful, impatient, and good deeds. Not careful can be reflected in the post above, Chen Zhongping found that when some friends post, the content is repeated, the format is wrong. Post also need packaging and beauty, first of all give a good impression, others will like your web site. When there is a little achievement, can be happy and proud, but who is wrong.

The second stage of the

is repetition.

has done the website friend all knows, the website is a long-term matter, new stationmaster starts when is gives own website to make the rank, does the flow, makes the weight, may say that pays the end of the brain. And other sites have their own traffic, there are weights when you can relax yourself?. Because the website needs to be maintained, if not maintained, the ranking of the website will be dropped. This time, want to improve the status of the site, some webmaster feel that their ability is limited, this is the bottleneck encountered development.

in this period of time, some owners began to confusion and hesitation, began to consider what is not suitable for the website, in this confused mood, some website quality began to decline, some owners will choose to go to other areas of development.

, be sure to calm down during the period of repetition. Try to analyze your own difficulties and solutions, and ask more friends. Chen Zhongping, a good friend of Liang Wenzhong, said, "be cool and careful.".

The third stage of

is stable development.

the stationmaster who arrives at this stage can be said to be the winner. A man of perseverance and brains is not afraid of difficulties. They have their own firm belief, in the event of difficulties in the development of the site, can be flexible, so that their web site healthy and orderly development.

I can talk about the 2 teachers here.

one is Mou Changqing, and I often go to his blog to study. At first, Mu teacher was not directly engaged in the computer network industry. He worked for a natural gas company and was well paid, but mu teacher thought

today around to see an article "Dong Qinfeng inadvertently: personal hero has gone to the webmaster can change" Dong Qinfeng is behind the founder of the forum, the individual stationmaster is the Senate! He said in this article: now the team cooperation is the inevitable trend, it is unlikely to have personal heroes. I agree with him, but it’s hard for an individual owner to build his own startup team. Has its own problems such as personal capacity (leadership skills, management skills), personal habits (irregular, procrastination is inefficient), personal character (the majority of individual stationmaster introverted, shy, communication ability is not strong, and the external environment) problems such as team members, may be convenient places to management, no chance of difficulties to know more talents in all aspects. So how to build their own personal webmaster team should pay attention to those problems, listen to me explain.

first: you must determine the target

1, if you don’t even know your specific goals, that person would like to do a plane that doesn’t know where to fly.

2, if you have a clear goal and an executive plan to achieve the goal, you can get to know every link of the plan.

second: pick team members

it’s hard to pick people who can help you achieve your goals, and you may eventually find out that the people you pick aren’t the right ones. You may not find it at first, but after a period of time, something unexpected will have to be done. In the process, attempts and mistakes are inevitable, but choosing a qualified team member has two core elements, and if you catch it, you can find the right team member


1, the ability to work, not to personal preferences, friends to choose team members, select the right person, enter the right position, can greatly improve efficiency.

2, harmonious with others, the ability to do something without harmony will offset the efficiency of the team, you must remove the team in any disharmony, now is not to advocate a harmonious society? Members shall collect the wisdom of each other without reservation, personal ambition (including your own ambition), must subordinate to a team under the common goal.

third: Penny

wealth is the biggest attraction to team members. Who wants to be busy?. You should be fair and generous in allocating among the team members the most influential and motivating element – wealth. Listen to an Internet cattle said: want to team stability, more money. Words are thick and rough. The more generous you are, the more you can get more help from team members. Such as Ma Yun’s "Eighteen Rohan" followed him for ten years, and now there is work together. The Baidu founders were gone, and Robin Li was the only one left. Tencent’s four King Kong are still there. Users can check the ownership structure of the three companies themselves

stands for more than a year, this is the first time I Wen, I do not know is not soft, I am not what master, I just concentrate on the station, now I take my stand more than a year of little share out, hope to give you some reference, or you can give me some advice.

I do is just a coincidence, I had just transferred to the website of this industry, I do website, what are not very understanding, we have several websites, there are also responsible for the website promotion, so I also have little contact with this. Once inadvertently online to see the free source code, and then down, that is a classified information source code, ASP program, access database, interface is fairly refreshing. I would like to play with the mentality to do this station, so I learned SEO just can practice the next.

I was in Guangxi Nanning, in Guilin, the site located in what place? There is a Guilin life network is already famous in Guilin, the small city, if I do in Guilin should be very difficult to have a share, after all, my website program is no what special. Then I understand the Nanning side of the site, Nanning also has a space network, the same is also very popular, but he is a forum for information is not very convenient, the information is not in chronological order, but according to the latest post arrangement, this would also difficult to find the latest information, the total it is not very convenient. Second Nanning is still relatively large, population, should be able to point at the same site traffic, are not many, and they are half-dead state, 58 city classified information network, and other national market also is not in the front row, so I put my site location in Nanning.

on the Internet to find a space provider, registered domain name (this makes me depressed for a long time, the space is unstable, often can not open the site, and later changed a good point). The site is called Nanning life information network, and the domain name is all set. Do this kind of website, important information, new station is certainly oneself to find information to release, so every day to other people’s website looking for information, slightly change, put on your website. The beginning is very excited, after all, they have a website of their own, like Falun Gong as fascinating (oh, exaggerated), every day to see traffic, see included, soon my keyword in front, from traffic to dozens, Baidu snapshot is the 2 Monday times. Let me excited about it. I don’t know Baidu index. The key words are my own imagination, then know that is not a popular word, can quickly row in front of a very normal, learned later this thing, a good analysis of the key words, and then re adjust the adjustment of key words, 20 days after reincluding. And then began to do outside the chain, Baidu to know to answer a question with your own links, so the 2 regular, 3, not too frequent, that can be K (now Baidu know is very strict, is made to keep the blog message), plus.

with the popularity of the Internet, online shopping gradually recognized by people, especially young people, online shopping has basically become the main way of shopping. Online shopping crowd increased, online shopping type of website also grew, after all, the market determines supply and demand, there is demand will naturally supply. At present, the types of shopping sites in various forms, a variety of purposes, aimed at online shopping groups to provide more rich, more diverse options.

the author in Baidu enter "shopping website", relevant search result has 63200000 unexpectedly, so much search result and shopping website should how to choose?. When users select the shopping network is mainly on account of what standards? What kind of shopping website can satisfy the user, retain customers, and achieve the conversion rate? Although many shopping sites, but the site is difficult to make a choice uneven in quality. Neither for the user nor for the operators of the site. For users, it is difficult to find satisfactory shopping sites, for the operators of the site, did not find potential consumer groups.

stationmaster net dream Jiang thinks, shopping website is to provide service for the client, the satisfaction of the client can realize the profit of the website, ability shows the value that the website exists. Therefore, from the user’s point of view to consider the design of the site, the type of goods, good user experience in order to retain customers, in order to realize the profitability of the site.

first of all, shopping websites need to give the user a sense of trust.

shopping websites, as the name suggests, is the buying and selling of goods. Any website to achieve the sale of goods, home to let users trust your website. If a shopping network in order to give people a false impression, talk about business, talk about what interests? Although into brush the credibility of the "integrity gate" incident, but we can’t deny that the seller credit evaluation way early indeed provide consumers a recognition and understand the seller’s channels, increase consumer trust in the seller site, so as to realize the commodity transaction. Although many shopping networks are beautifully designed and rich in products, the credibility of the website is not enough, and it is difficult for users to recognize it. It is very difficult for them to make profits. This is the most shopping website problems, and if this problem is solved, I believe that the probability of site transactions will be greatly improved.

Jingdong mall believe that everyone is not strange, since 2004 set foot in e-commerce, the site has been the user’s attention and recognition, registered users have more than 2 million 500 thousand. The website is very simple to do, give people a sense of trust, simplicity is not fancy, nature can increase the user’s sense of trust, retain users, the final transaction. With the development over the past few years, Jingdong mall has gradually become an important way for Chinese consumers to buy 3C products.

secondly, shopping websites need perfect payment methods.

buying and selling of goods naturally exists in the transaction of money, and the question of how to pay is a matter of concern to consumers. If the site does not have >

before I run website to products, electricity supplier websites, such as storage shelves, clothing, such as purchasing, before contact with a number of service websites, personal websites for social contact is not much, can be said to know nothing, but the only dynamic workplace social networking site based on social as the main purpose. With the recruitment sector, for the flow of people and activity requirements are relatively high, for me is not a small challenge. Prior to taking over the site, I did some work on the industry and the web itself. Next, share some of the problems encountered in the work and solutions, and discuss with you.

first, I according to the operation experience of the existing resources and data collection and analysis, mapping and analysis of behavior of the target population and the existing marketing channels and analysis team equipped, understand these situations is to understand the situation, to find a breakthrough.

after analysis, the existing problems are: 1, the website itself structure is not perfect, there are several plates to be supplemented, and the content is not rich enough, in addition to the position that there is no killer for users to stay. Second, the website viscosity is not high, customers are difficult to form interaction, lack of active customer guidance. In fact, there is a circle of the plate, which is a social role, but because of the social is for the workplace, but also is the PC side, and there is no gravity resource value, so did not play its due role; of course, all aspects of the site data, PV, UV does not look good. In fact, according to the site’s current user volume, if it can be active, it should still have a connotation of a site. So, the current priority should be shifted to the user experience, rather than blindly invite registration.

integrated above the situation, I set two goals, one is to enhance the user experience, and the two is the promotion of brand awareness. Brand awareness needs to rely on marketing to do, the website structure is not yet perfect based on the percentage of SEO and SEM, I will be set to 80% and the proportion of 20%, mainly to carry out free expansion of the channel, later this proportion will be reversed, adjusted to 30% and 70%, over about 1 years after the site accumulated to users a certain goal, completely weakened SEM, all turned to SEO. And the promotion of user experience requires product and design cooperation, to create a social based, recruitment and job search as a multi-functional platform.

has a goal, then the implementation of each target, the need for detailed implementation plan.

in the early stage of operation, for the user experience, my request is to a large number of existing users of resources, mobilize the enthusiasm, to allow them to participate in various sections of the site, such as interactive entertainment circle, workplace testing, dating activities, and learning the free education sector, and enterprises to participate in the cooperation expand the project and so on. With plenty of plate support, then the planning and operation team will be required to analyze existing users and develop detailed incentives for business purposes

this article is the Taobao League rules change for Taobao guest influence series article eighth, mainly for the April 2, 2014 around the union background update data commentary.

extended reading:

currently, the background of the alliance has been completed the replacement of the old and new versions, the Taobao alliance background, mainly data reports have undergone some changes, as follows:

1. unify each statement data statistics standard

such as the original effect report "estimated earnings estimate for the order to pay" the Commission, after the upgrade report "estimated earnings" orders for the consumer to confirm receipt of the Commission, we can help more accurate assessment of earnings. At the same time, increase the "payment pen" field, marking the amount of orders to promote payment, through this field, we can estimate, such as location adjustment, traffic changes after the promotion.

in addition, the TANX version of the report will, Tao guest, the wireless Association and click on the estimated revenue effect data completely separated from other product lines will no longer be included in the guest’s report system.


2. optimize report structure

optimize the report structure, according to the main platform of the promotion of products, different promotion products provide different effects, statements, statistics.

such as: self-help promotion, component promotion, channel promotion, micro shopping guide promotion and other


3. looks at the promotion from the media dimension

can understand the promotion from the media dimension according to different media types and different media screening. Such as: Statistics shopping guide in QQ promotion, micro-blog promotion situation.


4. view promotion from product dimension

can view the promotion effects of different products and different promotion sites, such as self promotion, promotion in A and promotion of B.


5. from the order number of pens to see the promotion situation

estimated earnings from the original date of payment into the settlement amount on the same day, the data is essentially reduced, because in the old version, without income, also has the "income data yesterday", therefore, this revision is equal to, less expected a total amount of money of the day.

that day, there are also lost, and compared with the past, this revision more than a payment pen, what is the role of this data?


action 1: determine whether the extended bit code layout is valid or not,

as we all know, the current data report of the Taobao alliance, for real-time display orders, only Taobao promotion details, >

I am a graduating college student. The financial crisis this year has made me face the risk of losing my job before I graduate. See some friends have joined the ranks of the webmaster, began his own road of entrepreneurship. Without taking into account how much investment does not need, I also believe in this aspect of hobbies and their slightly learned site construction technology, joined the ranks of the webmaster, began his own website career.

is the beginning of all things, I on the site are not very understanding, but look at the friend’s website to learn to ask, I also know a lot. I learned to design and optimize the website, through webmaster nets, I saw some about the new tutorials and website optimization article, in the slow study and specialized research, my website began to go on the right track.

I insist every day to update the site’s article, to take the initiative to find some high PR value of the same site links, although they are sometimes rejected, but there are still some Adsense very enthusiastic help to grow new. Gradually, I began to get started with the construction and optimization of the website, and the traffic of my website began to increase, and the homepage of the website began to be collected by Google, and then it was Baidu.

looked at his standing in his efforts to grow a little, my heart really is sweeter than honey is wiped, thinking of what one day will become a man like Ma Yun, at least your station can grow slowly, the famous. With such dreams, I do not stop efforts. We all know that when the station is a hard thing, every day around your site busy, sometimes even have time to eat, but looking at your site included a little growth, their keywords is more on the Google ranking before, think these things should be. Is a sweet burden.

, that is, in recent, my PR value and many sites, as well as growth, from 1 to 3. While happy, I still update my website every day and go to various forums and QQ groups to promote my website. With their weight and flow increase, but also make many novice webmaster come and I do link, think about their original situation, I also enthusiastically accept similar new sites. My income has also begun to increase slowly, more than the students every day nine to five work, see the boss’s face to get a lot of wages. I thought I was successful in the official career site would like to return to school, and mentees talk about their own business after, also a scenery.

but all dream when I began to burst, passion is a pot of cold water suddenly extinguished. I recently heard some Adsense in the webmaster online websites have been black, is linked to the horse. I think such a thing and he is very far, but when I open my computer every day and like to check my site, I found my site is linked to the horse, I quickly found is not only the home page, all pages I have all been linked to horse.

many webmaster know the website linked to horse, harm to a website is how big, their struggling.