The provincial capital of

along with the temperature gradually rose, the construction project is set to open (complex), to eliminate all kinds of accidents, the Xining municipal construction engineering department is to carry out the construction of open (complex) prior to the project quality, safety and civilized construction inspection work. This reporter learned from the Xining urban and rural planning and Construction Bureau in March 1st.

in March 19th last year, the city of Xining, south of the commercial Lane Hao Hao International Plaza construction site collapse occurred, resulting in the death of 8 construction workers. The cause of the accident is that the relevant responsible person does not take measures to ensure the safety of the workers in the condition that the production safety conditions do not conform to the provisions of the state, resulting in the collapse of the foundation pit. It is understood that before the accident, the temperature rise in Xining, soil thawing, soil loosening. In order to eliminate all kinds of accidents, from 2009 "3· 19" accident, from February 22nd onwards, Xining City Construction Bureau and four District Construction Bureau Inspection Group in deep foundation pit, the main construction, street construction site as the focus, in the context of urban construction projects carried out safety inspection for a period of 5 days. During the inspection, the inspectors to enter the site of the hazard (point), the existence of individual security risks of the construction site, requiring immediate rectification, and comprehensive self-examination before returning to work.

according to reports, at present, Xining City, the temperature gradually rose, construction sites in urban areas have not yet been started, but the site has left behind personnel, construction personnel and construction equipment after the winter holidays, not to enter the normal working state, easily lead to accidents. To this end, the construction sector in Xining will continue in March to the construction site in the city (RE) work to be checked to ensure that the project is open (RE) after the construction industry in Xining stable production situation.

from now on, the city of Xining will be organized within the entire urban area to carry out a special rectification of road traffic order, which is November 27th reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment. The special rectification action will increase the winter road Pro regulatory efforts to avoid the occurrence of major accidents.

it is understood that the campaign will focus on strengthening the traffic management in Xining downtown area and urban high, farmers market, increase the pedestrian crossing the road, do not arbitrarily inclined sidewalk, take non motorized vehicles and other illegal acts of remediation. The police will investigate violations of various traffic, especially Wupaiwuzheng, grab Road, speeding overloaded, not wearing a seatbelt, smoking, Luantingluanfang vehicles etc.. Drivers who smoke, pedestrians do not walk the sidewalk will be fined, overloading the bus will be canceled during the Spring Festival passenger qualifications.

In addition,

illegal traffic behavior is also the focus of remediation. Passenger vehicles have more than two years of accumulated time. Or a time. 50%, the police will supervise vehicles belonging to passenger transport enterprises to the driver to transfer or dismissal and other treatment, and shall not participate in the Spring Festival next year work. To this end, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment is also dedicated to the traffic police brigade equipped with a solar flash lights, night for traffic management. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


The day before, Xining City Bureau of personnel in the city of csky work conducted a comprehensive investigation, from the investigation, the Local Taxation Bureau of three counties and four districts of csky work preparatory work has achieved initial success

days ago, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau of personnel in the city of csky work conducted a comprehensive investigation, from the investigation, the Local Taxation Bureau of three counties and four districts of csky work preparatory work has achieved initial success. Currently signed three party agreement reached a total of 8957 households, of which there are verified by the family, has implemented a tax deduction of 1792 pens, the amount of tax deduction of $54 million 400 thousand, the verification rate of the three party agreement reached 58.81%.

this year, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau by using modern information network technology, through the tax, treasury and commercial bank network, the implementation of the electronic payment of tax revenues, established a standardized and efficient tax collection and management operation mechanism. In order to ensure the work smoothly, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau issued the "Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau csky electronic tax promotion plan", and set up a special leading group, clear job responsibilities and mission objectives, strictly regulate the work flow, detailed arrangements in the city and bank network, and put forward specific requirements. Based on the Provincial Bureau of concentrated training, the Local Taxation Bureau of the district and County Council organized the accounting personnel, the tax hall billing staff and other related personnel in the West District Local Taxation Bureau to sign the three party protocol, authentication, billing, reconciliation and other work process of on-site observation, timely printed and distributed three party agreement, operation manual and horizontal networking the tax collection authorities unified code, and supervise the progress of work, to ensure that the task, the goal is clear, reasonable and clear procedures, to carry out a comprehensive network work laid the foundation.


city’s land tax system csky work carried out, the basic realization of the three expected effect: one is to speed up the progress of tax revenue in, increased revenue collection quality; the two is to reduce the tax cost, convenient for taxpayers to pay tax, reduce the tax personnel work burden, improve the service level; three is sharing and bank information, build a platform for the establishment of a transparent type collection system. This marks the Xining local tax collection and management of information technology to further deepen the scientific means of tax management, tax services to a new level.



March 9th, the municipal government held in 2015 the city’s investment and project construction and development and reform work conference. The meeting conveyed to learn the key projects in the province in 2015 working conference, the city informed the 2015 key construction project preliminary arrangements, clear work objectives, refine the division of responsibilities, arrangements for this year’s development and reform priorities. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. It is reported that
the main comprehensive treatment project of Beichuan River in forestry and water conservancy projects (water into the city), in a project, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau modern forestry science and technology demonstration area of beautiful garden, three north-south mountain green period, rural affordable housing projects, to be relocated.
main project Wanda Plaza, wells Lane Business District, Xining green center, north automobile trade service center, south of the modern service area, a small and medium business park R & D center and service industry gathering area in trade circulation.
mainly Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir, comprehensive management, Huangshui River north and south mountain three greening projects in ecological and environmental protection.
in industrial projects are mainly environmental protection science and Technology Industrial Park, the Yellow River Small and micro businesses business base, Tibetan new product transformation, storage batteries and other projects.
main key area renovation projects of public rental housing, renovation, city and state-owned mining shanty town Dongguan mosque surrounding district reconstruction in real estate development.

yesterday is the twenty-four solar term in the beginning of spring, the reporter learned from the provincial meteorological station, after the year of 7 to 9, there will be a cold air intrusion in our province, affected by this, the large scope of a precipitation process, which is expected to drop 6 to 8 DEG C the highest temperature in our city.

from the solar term on, after the beginning of spring, the weather gradually warming, but the meteorological experts said, the city is located in the plateau, it is still very cold sooner or later, so people still want to keep warm. From the beginning of 7, the province will appear precipitation weather, during which the maximum temperature is expected to drop around 6 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees celsius. The 9 day, my province in eastern Xining, Haidong, south of Golog will appear snow, from the beginning of 10, most of the province’s weather will be better, with sunny or cloudy weather. Provincial Meteorological Observatory chief weather forecaster said the cooling rate is not very large, in which the temperature drop in Xining will not be too obvious, and is expected to start on 9, the maximum temperature will gradually pick up.

according to the latest meteorological data analysis, 5 to 6 at night during the day, sunny or cloudy across the province, there are 5 to 6 North westerly Golog 6 day; night to 7 during the day, the southern Yushu, southern Hainan, and the rest of the province of Eastern Haixi cloudy, cloudy snow. (author: Rong Lijun)


May 21st, reporters from the city migrant children care fifth joint meeting was informed that the city will strengthen the ideological and moral construction, the construction of care service positions, to carry out care activities and improve the work mechanism of four migrant children health care. It is reported that the city will be
, to grasp the position and help to catch catch activities, grab publicity "as the main line, to be a moral person" as the theme, to strengthen the "migrant children demonstration house" as the key to the "real love mom" twinning activities as the carrier actively explore the education, management, protection and service work of the new mechanism and new mode, promote the migrant children healthy growth. From four aspects of specific care migrant children: focus on strengthening the ideological and moral construction, to cultivate and practice the socialist core values as the theme, through Thanksgiving education form, strengthen friendly, filial piety, integrity and other traditional virtue education; focus on building care service positions, the "migrant children demonstration of home care activities as the position. Through the creation of" half past four classroom "and other activities, giving play to the role of good migrant children’s home; to organize care activities, mainly to carry out family agency action, hand knot action, psychological comfort, safety and prevention action action, poverty alleviation action; efforts to improve the work mechanism, establish a working system, increase investment in people and property and things, work together to build a caring system, uniting love together, actively promote the city migrant children work .

11 month 3 days to 4 days, School of administration of Qinghai Province branch of the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau organized second law enforcement personnel training, the training focused on learning the "People’s Republic of China administrative law enforcement", the thirteen Party Congress spirit, to further improve the quality of law enforcement officers, strengthen the team construction. From the city’s urban management system, 50 students participated in the training.

as a key training content "People’s Republic of China administrative law enforcement", is an important law of government behavior in our country and a standard, the implementation of it for the protection and supervision of administrative organs strictly perform their duties according to law, improve administrative efficiency, to safeguard public interests and social order, has important significance for the protection of citizens, legal persons and other organizations the legitimate rights and interests. The Party committee of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Wen Wei, made an in-depth and detailed interpretation of the legislative purpose, the principles of setting and implementing and the important provisions of the administrative compulsory law. All trainees listen carefully, think hard, have a relatively clear understanding clear on how to exercise the power of administrative enforcement etc..

training courses also focus on learning the spirit of the thirteen Party Congress, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal policy research director Comrade Ma Guozhen interprets Wang Jianjun Secretary of the report for the students, we again through learning, to further improve the understanding of the spirit of the report, the report will have pledged to implement the spirit, contribute to the grand blueprint of Xining "12th Five-Year" construction.

city administrative law enforcement bureau each year through the organization of law enforcement training, carry out the "season test" activities, regular topics and other forms of learning, continue to strengthen the authority of team construction, improve the theoretical and professional level, effectively promote the creation of learning party organization.



After a lot of preparatory work, the city forestry bureau of state-owned forest rebuilding projects in the construction project bidding Center in Xining City, the organization, through bidding, expert evaluation and successful publicity, and ultimately determine the successful tenderer for the project construction of Zhejiang construction engineering supervision of Refco Group Ltd, the successful tenderer for the Qinghai peising Engineering Supervision Consulting Co. Ltd.

after a lot of preparatory work, the city forestry bureau of state-owned forest rebuilding projects in the construction project bidding Center in Xining City, the organization, through bidding, expert evaluation and successful publicity, and ultimately determine the successful tenderer for the project construction of Zhejiang construction engineering supervision of Refco Group Ltd, the successful tenderer for the Qinghai peising Engineering Supervision Consulting Co. ltd..

City Forestry Bureau of state-owned forest farms in the rebuilding of the project after repeated selection, and ultimately determine the implementation in Menyuan Road No. 31 building, planning and construction of two high-rise residential projects, a total investment of 104 million yuan, the total construction area of about 43771 square meters.

state owned Forest Farm renovation project is one of the important content of the national affordable housing project, but also a benefit to the state-owned forest farm workers livelihood projects. The implementation of the project will adjust the layout of farm workers living, greatly improving the housing conditions of the state-owned forest farm workers. In order to effectively safeguard the interests of workers, the city forestry bureau will increase the supervision and inspection of state-owned forest farm renovation project, and strive to build a boutique project, sunshine project, honest project.



Faint fragrance floating in the streets of the city, the streets of Xining, a clove to make the streets more beautiful. The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, this year, the public can see the Mancheng lilac scene, with nearly two years of clove big step to take to the streets and into public green space is inseparable from the previous multi clove "hidden" in College Park, and a courtyard, street on both sides of the clove is people feel by twos and threes, clove flower brings infinite charm Xining.In order to make

"51", Xining will become an ocean of flowers, in addition to clove, jasmine, forsythia, yuyemei, bloom, I also created a number of city street, South Gate Street, West Street, Xinning road and the Yellow River Road, 54 Avenue and other main roads of the city put some flowers, some pot set flower box. At the same time, the city will build more than 20 large potted flower attractions, these attractions are located in the west gate, north gate, Bay Center Plaza, kylin slope, bridge street and other places, some strong sense of three-dimensional, the novelty of the scene will become bright colors in the streets. At present, large potted attractions are also meet with the public.  

we often see some of the boss, the customer to buy something when he forgot the money, the boss will be generous that the next time to bring it over, this is the trust of customers. And many customers because of the trust of the boss, which is more loyal to the shop, the shop has become a regular. So, if you want to open a business hot shop, do retail business, also need to be able to trust customers.

the gray sky, cloud pressure is very low, the leaves sway, it seems to rain.

"if it rains, the vegetables should go up again."." After work, I looked out at the sky and thought about what I had to do on my way home.

so, I went straight to a supermarket frequented.

this supermarket is a husband and wife store, the store is not large, clean and tidy shop, reasonable layout of goods, placed in an orderly manner, the species is quite full. The boss is busy, the boss is responsible for the cashier at the door.

I picked out a few vegetables, just going to the cashier’s desk. Then, a man hurried into the outside from the customer.

boss, take two bags of "imperial" smoke."

I haven’t checkout, the customer will The early bird catches.

boss reaction is also very fast, quickly took out two packs of cigarettes from the counter, on the counter.

the customer put his hand into his pocket and hesitated a moment: "boss, I’m sorry, I don’t want this cigarette." Then he turned and walked away.

what’s the matter?" The boss asked.

"out of a hurry, forgot to bring a wallet." Customers are helpless.

"no money, it doesn’t matter, people have a busy forget to forget. You have come to my store several times, the smoke you take the first pumping, the next time you come back is." The boss handed the cigarette to the customer.

"thank you boss, the next time I have to put the money back." The customer took the cigarette and left in a hurry.

I looked a little puzzled, curious to ask: "boss, how do you do this business? And they are not very familiar, dare to smoke on credit to the people?"

boss smiled: I this is a community store, customers are mostly nearby households, head up every day to see. Just like the customer, hurried to show him something, the urgent need to use the smoke. It’s going to rain soon