graduated from a small college in the city two years ago. He has been working as an online price manager for nearly half a year. The so-called "network price division" is through the network platform to understand consumer demand and organization of group buying, and is responsible for representing consumers and businesses bargaining personnel. He told reporters that he got two or three jobs after graduation, but do not get too happy at the end of last year, a chance to see the network bargain division of the occupation, for marketing professional background he is hundreds of times.

Wen / Liu Shuang,

                yesterday, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, so many people begin their holiday plans, travel, shopping, watching the world cup…… However, a group of people are busier than usual, that is, the Internet price division.

recently, the reporter found that with the online shopping industry has grown, the network bargain division, decoration designers, network network Madou models of these emerging network popular occupation in our city some 80, 90 young people. Engaged in the network price division professional "rookie" monthly salary of 2500 to 3000 yuan, while the senior bargain master monthly salary can reach five thousand or six thousand yuan. Internet price division need to have certain marketing experience, to their bargain products information and related market trends should know well, but also familiar with e-commerce and basic network technology.

4. team and founder is one of the necessary conditions for the success of an enterprise. Before I venture one complex reflection, is no matter what you are in the industry field, only to do the best before 10%, have the opportunity to live a relatively comfortable made stronger. Although the interest staging is not the earliest enterprise in this field, it is the fastest growing and the most advanced one at present

review I told a young man came to me for advice, cosmetics business he didn’t get the brand support, his company listed four years later, the young man called Chen Ou.

3. is a college market yet to be fully cultivated fertile soil, and interested in staging business forms and operation of the system, the opportunity based on the fertile soil of the fine work, provide more convenient services based on consumer consumption scenarios, and in the future to leave the campus on the community college students to provide financial services for personal consumption the real channel, made the pipeline business, the camp made water business.

these two months, I was trying to experience three and a half years after the start of business, rarely rest, have more time to read books, recharge, slowly thinking, not eager to start a new career journey. During this period, there are Internet and offline chiefs looking for me to cooperate with the big platform, external incubation of the new company, there are 500 giants, the annual salary is very good OFFER, VC also find me to communicate, there is no idea of entrepreneurship. Finally have a chance to impress me, let me in eleven before determining a new beginning, with co-founder and COO joined a START UP but the rapid development of Internet financial business companies interested in staging.

industry insiders Mr. Chen said that the prosperity of the Internet economy and information asymmetry is the main reason for the emergence of the network price division. However, as an emerging profession, the network price division mainly rely on good faith, still missing

"may be the reason for the holiday, many people nest in the home online shopping, yesterday, my business is particularly good, a day took three single live, earned nearly 500 yuan."." Network bargain division small Yan said.

1. and electricity providers like, compared with traditional Internet banking finance, itself has the information symmetry, the characteristics of lower cost of obtaining funds, and based on the data accumulated on the establishment of a more effective and more efficient risk control system. Coupled with the government’s determination to promote financial reform and efforts to advance itself model combining the huge dividends policy release, believe that the Internet financial market has transformed opportunities more than over $one billion market capitalization / company valuation.

"more and more people are now engaged in this occupation, every time people ‘Kanjie’ earn not start so much, but more than just some live, the average monthly income can reach 3000 yuan, Xiao Yan said that he" cut "are mainly imported high-end digital electronic products. Such as computer, mobile phone, MP3, MP4. "If a computer is cut off 300 yuan, I can usually earn 50 yuan."." Yan said.

reporter also learned in the interview, recently in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities there have been a number of real estate professional price division. This part of the bargain collector gathered in some well-known local home buyers website forum, to provide advice for the buyers and to attract business. They often replace consumers with property developers bargaining, and specific showings and contracts signed by property buyers personally. A real estate occupation bargain division wrote in the blog: "this occupation is spontaneous, every time a bargain is a battle of wits and developers struggle, whose psychological endurance is weak, who will be defeated."

2. in the entire Internet banking chain, the lack of money is not in fact, but high-quality claims, who has the highest quality claims, who is the future of the whole value chain of the chain?. Interest staging is not a vicious competition relationship with other Internet financial companies, but a good relationship with all excellent internet financial companies.

is interested in staging a what kind of company? It is the front stage market for college students on campus online shopping for financial services, back to college students online shopping rights to sell and staging pack sold to other Internet financial company. I chose to join the fun division because I think the company has the opportunity to be a Jingdong or an American team in the area of College Students’ consumption in the future. My judgment is based on the following points:

2, Shanghai love account consumption continues, the past two weeks, the first consumer account number of days more than five days.

first encountered such a situation, inevitably will be surprised or ignored, even making a mess of the others to tell you this is the website structure problem, you also get to love Shanghai entry contrast structure. Li Xuezhi has just started to love Shanghai auction, in the face of the advertisement of Ningxia Tongji Hospital competition, quickly to a "master" to ask a lot, his answer is: This is the procedure of processing technology, and the structure of love Shanghai entry page like so. This pseudo master explanation make me this question ignored for a long time. In fact, this program and not what relationship, not so mysterious, it is a value-added service of love: love Shanghai Shanghai bidding way

entry just love Shanghai bidding specialist must be noticed, when searching for a keyword in you, you will find in the first row of the competitor’s website not only shows the main link, but also much below several related sub links below

4 way chain format writing requirements, in order to clean and beautiful, beautiful generous, chain number provisions of at least three, up to five; each sub chain description is not the same, to control the number of words in 3-8 word, because the total number of words not more than 28 Chinese characters – meaning whether you are three or five note note chain chain. Your chain describes the total length of not more than 28 words; URL with HTTP chain must be at the beginning, the length of not more than 1024 characters, in order to enhance the effect of the promotion, each sub chain corresponding to different pages as possible. (this is Yinchuan Shanghai dragon Li Xuezhi original 贵族宝贝nxfkyy贵族宝贝/, please keep the link for


for love Shanghai route qualification and common attention:

love Shanghai road effect that is beyond doubt, it can make your site in a limited space and competitor’s website in the form on the distinction, in addition, the main road linking Shanghai love sub links can indirectly increase the promotion content, and improve the user experience, so that visitors can be more accurate to what he wanted to know about the page.


3, submitted to the Shanghai road sub chain of love, the first to have ground qualification, followed by the entry into force of the account, finally is to promote effective creative unit, meet these three points, you can submit.

1, Shanghai love account consumption scale for the past two weeks, the first account is greater than or equal to 80 yuan consumption.




finished solving site is love Shanghai right down, this time webmaster is not finished, because the site is down right to solve the love Shanghai problem is the most basic, but the site "hurt" still exists, in order to repair these "harm", it is necessary for us to do some webmaster what, for example, to find a fixed time every day to update the site, and ensure the quality of content, as long as the webmaster daily updated website, then love Shanghai will think your website is a regular website, as long as the sea that your website is a regular website, will slowly improve your website

first) we want to find the reason of love Shanghai site was down the right, then we can solve the problem of

website snapshot can update every day, every day, the content included, or can not have a good ranking, all this is to see how the weight of the site, if the weight of the website is very high, so everything is not what problem; but the weight of the website is low, natural site is very difficult to have a good ranking, even if you the keyword ranking was before, also because the site is down right to drop, then the site after being in love with the sea drop weight, we want to how to make the site fast recovery



second) time every day to update the site, possibly the best you write a lot of webmaster node


) take one day at a time increasing point outside the chain, or exchange chain with other

in order to make the site as soon as possible to restore the weight, this time we might as well do some remedial measures, such as to the weight good website forum to send some high quality of the chain, or to exchange Links with other similar sites, as long as you release the chain or exchange Links quality is good, so the chain chain can help accelerate the website promotion weight, so the weight of the website will naturally recover! "

site is down right are the reasons to love Shanghai, and the reason is likely to be some webmaster do not love Shanghai love thing, if the weight of the webmaster want to love Shanghai recovery, the first thing that the first thing to do is to find the reason of love Shanghai site was down the right, look at what causes if the owners do not know where to look for it, I can suggest you Adsense in this space from the log to find the reason, what is the return code of spider love Shanghai, then you’re in love according to Shanghai Spider code to find the cause of the find love Shanghai site is down right, then we webmaster can solve the problem according to reason, such is not the website content quality is not high, if the cause of the station on the way to improve the quality of the content of the website is not long; or the recent frequent revision to add site keywords, if is this reason so webmaster in love Shanghai did not restore the weights of the best to ensure the stable operation of the

original content!After weight? !

An important breakthrough

is a public number WeChat ppc. At present, Sogou WeChat search ranking mechanism is the main keyword proximity, such as search "shoes", in the front row is the account name contains "shoes" keyword public number, and in the search for "love Shanghai"

two, the number of public drainage artifact

] June 10th news billion state power network, is the industry’s long-awaited WeChat search to reinstall the polymerization yesterday, behind the scenes manipulator last year by Tencent shares sogou. WeChat has been paying close attention to the business enterprise, what kind of impact will be in the blockbuster product? Billion state power network to contact a number of electricity business people, to make the following conjecture:


in addition to the two of the electricity supplier industry directly affected, after Sogou WeChat search can foresee the business ecosystem has been raised:

Although WeChat

Sogou WeChat search will undoubtedly become an important traffic entrance public number of operators. On the one hand, can be PC end user migration to the mobile terminal through the two-dimensional code; more importantly, search keywords is the active behavior of users, which has the direct demand of enterprise information, so the channels to bring users clearly more accurate quality.

search users are usually active demand, therefore more accurate drainage

billion state power network to a business enterprise to understand, most of the current electricity supplier of WeChat, the public has no internal independent monitoring system: on the one hand, WeChat public number currently more influential is concentrated in the traditional media and network media, usually will be love Shanghai included; in addition, in order to avoid the business enterprise will New problems crop up unexpectedly.. WeChat will be outsourced to third party companies public opinion monitoring.

[ The use of


public number is the exchange of business and customer direct good communication, but in a long period of time has been to "information island" in the form of the main channel for the public number rose powder is still between the circle of friends to share and recommend, and two websites, the material code drainage channel very scattered, the lack of uniform flow entrance.

just unveiled Sogou search in WeChat, one of the most important dimensions of search is the search, can be predicted, which will likely become a key channel for monitoring public relations personnel business enterprise.

Sogou WeChat search is the search to the public, the content of

love Shanghai news search is always a must see corporate public relations information syndication channels, and WeChat public, this new media, has become a public sector let headache "time bomb" — because there is no unified monitoring channels, most likely enterprises of negative news in the circle of friends like a virus exploded, and the public relations staff still have not found the situation.

, a new channel of public opinion monitoring

third through the portal website promotion, why choose portal portal is the Internet since its birth, the earliest business model, obtain revenue through advertising. The portal is the Phoenix, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent. The portal is not only the position of advertisement, and soft information. The soft information is still a good choice, the relatively low cost of advertising, the effect can reflect the brand keywords soft directly. Have the opportunity to study specific portal soft release and release.

first in the ranking of Shanghai Longfeng because is relatively cheap and long way to promote. Shanghai Longfeng industry keywords do love Shanghai before three, not only for enterprises to save advertising costs, but also can effectively improve the visibility in the industry.

second information through web exposure, refer here to get some information platform released a lot of learning, there are special B2C, B2B platform product exposure rate, such as Alibaba, HC, Marco Polo; a lot, have a special segment information platform release, such as wine is wine related information website; information integrated information platform, such as 58, fair, 99 classification etc.. Let customers find can find their own intention to the company’s product information even if successful where.

Finally, there are many A lot of

is the last love of Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai liberal arts encyclopedia, etc.. Of course, the weight is the highest Shanghai Encyclopedia of love here, so that the company’s products brand keywords appear in Shanghai love to the corresponding encyclopedia words, such as non emperor wine is health wine, health wine, nutrition of wine in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of non love Dili wine introduction.

second love Shanghai products are can do, more concerned about is the love Shanghai love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search keywords is with the brand in the inside, such as when the search of health wine, love is Shanghai Lenovo drop-down box appears brand key words non Dili health wine, the relevant search there is non emperor health wine etc..

first through search engines, according to the Chinese search habits and search share the love of Shanghai is relatively large, followed by Google soso. The light is love Shanghai there are a lot of details can be seen not only ranking.

Internet is the lowest cost effective way of promotion, promotion through the Internet can enhance their brand and generate sales. How to through the Internet to create the first brand in the industry, is very important, but also every company want to do today, according to the author’s own experience to talk about how to do the first non emperor wine health wine industry brand.

some of the many promotion methods can enhance the corporate brand, introduced above just personally feel more effective, the current direction is toward this direction. Of course, to build a brand is not enough, still need to be promoted in the final profit is the key operation. Create Internet >

two, the spider, timing quantitative feeding, update the site like spider feeding, we need to update the content in a certain period of time, develop habits of spiders to crawl, arrived after a period of time, it will give you the website included every day, you can even do what article it included many article records so, we must go to the website to update timing quantitative update, update so as to let the spider unremittingly to trust you more weight, naturally it will give you a very high, this update will give dynamic website page ranking of

for the importance of the web site included, I believe that everyone should know, a lot of long tail keywords ranking is from the contents of the article, the title of the article, so improve the site included page number is used as an important basis for the website ranking, website optimization ranking webmaster only solves this problem ranking mark your website to get the site keywords. Some time ago, Shanghai to love only dozens of pages included in the site of K, and even some serious is the only home page, in the love of Shanghai is not normal, many included only a home page ranking, ranking is not very good, so ER must be resolved in Shanghai Longfeng included in this website in order to open the web page ranking problem, this problem. For the love of Shanghai and Google two major search engines, they are included in the website page requirements are basically the same, but there are also some is not the same, after all, is two is not the same as the algorithm of search engine, so the website wants to give love Shanghai or Google included how we want to operate under the ocean? Shanghai dragon will talk about several points mainly:

good web content we need to love Shanghai included:

, is certainly the quality of website content, said the quality of content, we all know that the one and only content, and web sites related to the original article, a knock out of the original article, not copy and paste the article. Don’t say your writing is not good, not write a good article, in fact, the US does not necessarily need a good literary talent, as long as his own experiences, a knock out the search engine will be recognized. Don’t use some false original tools, original article paragraphs cross, synonym exchange and other so-called original update. But the original update operation is a very difficult thing, not a short duration of time things, we need long-term implementation, the original update will give the power rankings of the first page of the




three, is to improve the site weight in order to improve the site, for the new website, improve website weight will increase the number included in the site, not just on the line as long as the website, even if your site original update every day, but the love of Shanghai is still not included your site article, this is new website in distress. The new site can be purchased through the link, or exchange Links, or free the chain to improve the site weight, only to improve website weight, the new search engine will start to be loved in Shanghai, began to include the content of the page.

" message – support earthquake earthquake history data retrieval and sharing

2. global coverage of the earthquake information center connected to the China Earthquake Administration, the Japan Meteorological Agency, National Earthquake Information Center, help users get earthquake related information in the first time;

App: similar "earthquake alarm"

3. before going to bed to open the application and open the warning system, it can through the vibration timely awaken people sleeping in the.


"earthquake prediction" query includes three major functions:

at the same time, for the earthquake "fear rather than the lack of preparation" once again aroused people’s reflection and discussion, whether it is to spread the knowledge of earthquake rescue and asked relevant departments to further improve the level of earthquake monitoring, improve the early warning mechanism of the rescue, all possible disaster prevention measures to take preventive measures in this study are worthy of our discussion.

1. built a simple earthquake rescue manual;

also for this purpose, in this small series to introduce a few friends can be installed on the mobile phone and the earthquake related iOS terminal App, hope they help us understand the earthquake prevention, detection and prompt knowledge, of course if you can play a role in the rescue efforts is just fine. (download: 贵族宝贝25pp贵族宝贝/ search for "earthquake" in the PP assistant resource)

open the "earthquake" message, the user can choose to view the data from 12 seismic information sources worldwide. When the small test, found at ten nine in the morning (2>


April 20th 7 earthquake occurred, Ya’an aftershock from micro-blog China seismic network news, as of 23 May 10, Sichuan Lushan earthquake aftershocks were recorded 3407 times, including 3 more than 100 aftershocks, but people in Ya’an the victims and rescue workers worried about. The most worrying thing in people sleeping when the earthquake uninvited, often resulting in people’s response time. "Earthquake prediction query" this application cannot be predicted in advance while earthquake, but it can wake people sleeping in the earthquake occurred in the first time, to fight for their response to more time and opportunity to escape.

"earthquake prediction and query" – wake up the sleeping people

Ya’an earthquake happens, shook the hearts of people across the country; hundreds of compatriots in an instant between yin and Yang, let people feel the pain again ruthless disaster. We mourn for the dead, pray for the living, regardless of donation donations, or go to the rescue scene, all hope that through their own actions can help the Ya’an compatriots will escape from the disaster.


" is a seismic information can quickly provide the worldwide earthquake message software, convenient for users to get the latest earthquake information all over the world for the first time.


website is our ultimate goal to do Shanghai dragon, if a site no conversion rate, even if your traffic is high, there is no significance, so enhance the site’s conversion rate directly determines the value of Shanghai dragon. So how to improve the conversion rate of the site, this is what I want to talk to you today about the contents of.


The transformation of

two, the difference of the content of manufacturing.


users have to buy a certain type of product, it must have a reason to buy, such as mobile phone users to buy millet, millet mobile phone may be mainly directed the exciting price, exquisite appearance, powerful processors, and if the price of millet mobile phone than apple, that users can no longer select millet. Another example is the sprinkler I engaged in this industry, now the national truck manufacturers, competition is very fierce, the search of the sprinkler users is mainly to see the actual effect diagram of each manufacturer of the sprinkler work, in order to make a comparison, and then if we appear sprinkler video site, it can meet the user demand. The user needs analysis we can love from Shanghai or Shanghai love related search drop-down box you can see some tips, such as tourism industry in the winter, the biggest user demand is the Yunnan tourism, if we go to a publicity on Yunnan tourism information on the website, you will get more users, so the search engine weight given the higher. This is also in love in Shanghai can be seen in the relevant search:

users travel habits with seasonal changes, we need to analyze the user’s demands, so as to meet the needs of many users, so as to enhance the conversion rate of the site, if you are in the hot summer to the user to recommend Hainan tourism, I think the user on your site to vote with their feet.

is a website to remember is not the place with others website content, but your site provides out of the ordinary content, if your website and the competitor is the homogenization of content, then why should the user buy you something? You must have a reason to let users buy your product. But the difference is the premise of making the contents of your industry to fully understand, so as to control. For example, our company do the sprinkler site to make full use of the different marketing, please see below:

Through our

to fully understand the sprinkler sprinkler on the industry, customers purchase tax issues of great concern, and many users are eager to buy, so we are heading to highlight our sprinkler exempt from purchase tax, and to keep the car supply, which makes our website to get more users attention, this the sprinkler site although only a month on-line, but the sprinkler price ranked fourth, the follow-up should be ranked better. So we should be.

, first of all to the user needs analysis.


if the search engine optimization of keywords system has been digging to a certain extent, after system analysis, keyword has been largely completed, we can consider to find some new words. How to find more new keywords

keyword is website based on sustainable development, then we have to dig the existing keyword system. Only in-depth analysis and mining on keywords system constantly, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the site.

The choice of the The

1, through social hot

of a hope that the long-term stable development on the website, when the site has keywords planned operation is completed, should go back to re-examine the previous key system, with the actual operation experience of the entire site to find the key before the thesaurus is not adequate, and to make improvement. The usual practice is: Based on the existing keywords system, deep digging more and site theme related keywords, not previously detailed analysis, such as the three level, the next word long tail keywords mining and analysis etc.. Like our website long tail keywords as shown below:

is a good method to obtain new words through the release of hot news and official information search engine. All data here we choose another way announced through the search engine as an example, we love Shanghai billboard, as shown below:


website is to progress, whether it is reflected in the user experience, improve site traffic, improve the search engine keywords ranking to improve, or site profitability growth, in the search engine application is popular today, the Shanghai dragon is the method of direct comparison. To do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, first needs to grasp the key words.

website in order to achieve sustained development and progress, need to continue to consolidate the existing achievements, and explore more new hot spots, optimization, promotion times and content construction and new words. In this sense, search engine optimization is a dynamic process, how to use the search engine optimization website promoting sustained development and progress? Through the dynamic maintenance of keywords system is the most operable method.




actually, and this word is not a simple matter, do not think that the word is a good word index. As our industry is the site optimization, you can first differentiation, because I was in Nanjing, I can take for Nanjing website optimization keywords. Keywords our website is mainly refers to the industry can do a better job of competitors are selected, as shown in the map is the primary key to our website to do.

traffic statistics


we talked about do stand group of very important preparations for the station group is for our industry for an accurate positioning, so better positioning, our next station group in the content and other aspects of the operation optimization of how to do this, how the operation will not be identified as search engine cheating, and today we discuss the specific operation of industry station group.

Whether it is also If we were to do

for the station group content is very important, if we do if we jump, it might be a search engine to identify cheating, then we all will become the station station for garbage, before we say stationgroup duplicate content seems to be difficult to solve, if not two sites compete in the same level, even if they are the same content and template, website between search engines will not be identified as cheating, because the area and people are different, so the two site to meet the demand is different. So before we talked about the station group according to the time, area and classification of the purposes we have to consider that there is no common crowd.

, a solution of station group content creation

on the station group content has the following creative points:

station, after the user enters only about a disease, this advantage is reflected.

analysis is mainly to see our competitors and compare competitors >

1. needs to find

for example, the medical industry in accordance with the classification of the disease do sub station, because in the medical industry in any department, certainly the user is suffering from a disease, such as the "Department of orthopedics", with rheumatism, spondylitis, lumbar disc herniation and so on many kinds of diseases, no matter what kind of disease I want just about this a kind of disease, other diseases, he is not concerned, if the user in a large section of the web site to find a disease information, so the user is not only a waste of time, data is not comprehensive.

Comparative analysis of


if we find our industry group operation more fierce competition, so we need to carry out disruptive innovation according to user needs, such as the Department of orthopedics, we found that the industry is in accordance with the disease for positioning, so we’ll see what the user needs, some first-tier cities between the regional mobile time cost is quite large, so the user is regional demand is rigid, so when the Department of orthopedics is in accordance with the classification of diseases of the time, we will in accordance with the classification of regional + disease to make the content more accurate, to meet the needs of users.

we divided the key point of their peers is the user in accordance with the region, or use species has not very good to meet the needs of the demand for the search is limited to the station group operation is relatively intense competition in the industry, in some industries we have no standing group classification for classification stations itself a creative.