1: how do agents come from, no registered chamber of Commerce has an agent

we all know that the first registrar is agent, agent is what to do with it, but not for a better development of domain name registrations, let everyone more up, but now a lot of black agents, we call the Registrar, the Registrar said that I had to because our rights are delegated to them. Oh, well then, I can give you a good analysis of the course registration, chamber of Commerce was not to hear, I say this in the first.

What is the difference between black and black

proxy. One is the father of a son, if a son do wrong, Dad no matter the words, that is not the same black ah, that is a registered agent in black business in order to get more money to agency more rights, did not belong to a nest, you say is not it. If agents have complaints, the Registrar can timely call the correct, it will not cause such a bad reputation ah, son of the father of the wrong, you see, "well, do not engage in agency ah, so we will not say what, I do not want to go to the Registrar said this is not good, really good ah, ah you want a lot of registered business reputation, we are very sure, that others choose cheaper agents registered is wrong, but the agent is very black, the transfer is very harsh, this is not the same as the effect of the registration of business reputation ah, why not go to the Registrar management, purpose not afraid you don’t go to the registration, registration of less and less money to earn it, you see my last complaint, CNNIC said, no matter what the agent or the Registrar, as long as your domain name they don’t give up, complaints. They directly check is registered, rather than agents, this is just ah, if I cry up wine and sell vinegar are nobody, that we do not have to follow you.

two: a lot of registered agents say they have nothing to do with

yes, may have all the rights to the agent, which is more convenient for management, but put out, not equal to what gave the agent, good registrar, everyone is to believe, but it is acting recklessly, not to register business management, we registered the domain name or turn it out, or also out of high costs, which I have been cheated, a humanities online, but also out of storage fees for one year, CC won’t let turn, even in resource CC told him that belongs to a large CC agent, why resources can turn out, that can not be out of humanities. Of course, they are to do foreign agents, we are not good for.

but you thought not, this is the China ah, not to say that foreigners come to our Chinese, can be burned, killed, robbed, raped, if everyone agrees to foreigners in this way, I have nothing to say ah, in our China, will not be able to use them to China legal system, I don’t think it possible. They came to China, we get money, we have no way to manage them. That’s not china.

so ah, a good relationship with the agent and the agent, the agent is good or registered

August 1st news today, fresh electricity supplier brand "fruit help" by WeChat public announced officially closed. Fruit to help online APP business to August 3rd 16:00.

As for the reasons for the collapse of

, according to its official micro signal revealed, underestimated the difficulty of the operation of the fresh industry. Over the past two years, we have tried every means to achieve profitability, and ammunition is always exhausted day."


according to the official introduction, fruit help founded in Shenzhen in 2014. It is a fruit of mobile Internet operators, to create "orchard" and "fruit straight home" fresh experience, solve the difficult problem of the office to eat fruit.

below for fruit food help open letter:

walked together for two years, and today I want to say goodbye.

at the moment, just remember to set up fruit food to help, then the original intention is very simple, is to allow the office of white-collar workers to eat a box of fresh fruit cut. So a few people do it, from the first step Kexing science park.

for two years, we from the WeChat store, to APP, to store the line, step by step to expand the market, once the fire time one yuan to eat fruit, making a large number of users become attached to a fruit to help. When the peak, fruit to help the public to have 110 thousand of the number of supporters, WeChat, APP, the next line store service Shenzhen CBD and hundreds of thousands of users of the community, so many users of the trust is the way we adhere to the momentum.

since the fresh industry is extremely cruel, O2O subsidy war, low price competition…… We also continue to adjust the operation, optimize the user experience, improve the supply chain, until the transition line store. Perhaps we do not work hard, can not be a step ahead of efficiency, but also underestimated the difficulty of the operation of the fresh industry. Over the past two years, we have tried every means to achieve profitability, and ammunition is always exhausted one day, this day, did not expect to come so fast.

said that people do not forget the beginning of the heart, is to encourage persistence, but it requires more courage to admit defeat.

today, after careful consideration, we made a painful choice, decided to close the fruit to eat. Two years of hard work will also end, although the hearts of regret, but also must face. The world does not have the banquet, the gathering is the fate, disperses does not leave the regret.

special thanks to investors Xu total, fruit food to help the team’s trust and support; thanks to the hard work of more than 100 employees along the way; thanks to witness the fruits of food to help grow hundreds of thousands of users. Thank you!

a number of sources to billion state power network confirmed that the Alibaba’s import business platform "Tmall" will soon be Tmall merger, in addition to the organizational structure change and personnel integration, change will also usher in a front page.

merge results: retain the original domain to enhance the search weight

According to

billion state power network to understand, Tmall international business still belongs to Alibaba B2C group cross-border division, the division under the jurisdiction of Tmall international, aliexpress and Taobao three overseas business, the current general manager Wu Qian (IL), directly to Ali COO Zhang Yong (Xiao Yao Zi).

international future Tmall Tmall merger, with Tmall attributable to Chinese retail platform (with Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan), Zhang Jianfeng (to the person in charge of the platform for epilepsy).

it is reported that recently, Tmall international has ushered in a round of personnel changes, including the original senior business director, is directly responsible for the resignation of an executive of Xunzi, aliexpress was responsible for overseas warehouse operations etc..

website front, is still in integration, has not yet completed all the changes. But sources said to billion state power network, to determine the message includes a domain name in the short term tmall.hk retention, and relates to cross-border import business transactions are required to limit in this tmall.hk domain; Tmall international will become a sub channel of Tmall, is still unable to confirm the name; the weight of Tmall international goods accounted for in the main Tmall search will enhance.

in fact, Tmall international merger with Tmall has long been revealed. At the beginning of this year, Tmall launched two international domain global.tmall.com Tmall (now enter the domain name will jump to the Tmall international English page); about 3 months ago, Tmall international commodity was absorbed into Tmall’s main search; the latest news is that Tmall will join Tmall international held called big promotion active global Shopping Festival "in May 28th, which indicates that both the flow has been basically completely open.

for the future direction of development of Tmall international, a person close to Tmall said, Tmall international will more directly into the overseas online store merchandise, skip the online sellers, directly to the wiring and by rookie stores, full integration logistics, which to a certain extent, has the equivalent of Tmall proprietary.

merger reasons: overseas investment model is not feasible?

, a senior industry several reasons are analyzed by Tmall Tmall international merger. On the one hand, Tmall international development has been the bottleneck: including the overseas brand investment is weak, the lack of adequate traffic support, service quality is not controllable, fake group at.


sources, Tmall international has been walking all the investment model, the earliest merchants mainly from two parts, one part is the Taobao global purchase selected big sellers, the other part is Alipay international contracted overseas businesses, and.

recently, the electricity supplier is still very calm, in addition to le bee vip.com Beijing hastily seized, seems to see what it is worth mentioning that, but under the calm, or the surging tide of global purchase, Jingdong released in April 15th, blew into the cross-border battle horn, this is Liu Qiangdong recently released a major strategy after France, South Korea bank, cross-border electricity market, the last one is the field of ocean electric field. In this field, there is no one has an absolute advantage, even the advantages are difficult to talk about, from this point of view, the outcome of the cross-border electricity supplier in the field, it can be said that China’s electricity supplier is the last battle.

cross-border electricity supplier is currently the fastest growing areas, and even led to the decline in China’s luxury industry and price cuts, because we have to go overseas to buy things. One of the reasons is because the product quality performance overseas are relatively good, on the other hand it is because the appreciation of the renminbi, leading to rising purchasing power, has reached a very favorable situation, while overseas money Chinese has also become the object for all countries. From the big said that this reflects the rise of China’s national strength and gradually become the mainstream in the international arena, since childhood, is that people with the improvement of living standards, the pursuit of the quality of consumption. Cross-border electricity market is expected in three years will reach one trillion yuan, is a huge market space, so the choice of Liu Qiang East strong attack cross-border electricity, also insufficient qi.

and the domestic purchase is not the same as the threshold, the cross-border electricity supplier is quite obvious, there may exist three modes, one is the overseas direct mail, is a set of goods, one is bonded goods. For overseas direct mail, to support a strong logistics system, can guarantee the purchase cycle can be shorter, meet the user experience, or a product to two months to send enough death. The collection of goods and bonded goods are required to have a considerable purchasing capacity, there is no strength is not playing inventory. The two have a very high threshold, so this area is not particularly good game player, most of them just do some small features attempt an ineffective solution, the Jingdong reached a massive, apparently will bring some changes to the current pattern.

in an article before me, Liu Qiangdong is the biggest characteristic of the overall view is good, right on each node, each reached the appropriate area, by prior to the accumulation of advantage, in exchange for a new advantage, especially to seize this part of the logistics, which is advantage. At present, cross-border electricity supplier in the rise of the advantage of Jingdong in the logistics and goods management, and occupy the first mover advantage, coupled with Liu Qiangdong’s attention and personally, the first to establish the French Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, pavilion and more ready. The biggest competitor Taobao is still subject to the issue of trust in the platform, in this era of quality consumption, does not have the advantage.

in addition to overseas direct mining and direct supply in order to ensure product quality, the domestic marketing strategy of the domestic problems of Jingdong is also exempt from the worries of consumers, at the same time through the national level of trade cooperation, can also ensure that

angel investors in the country, Cai Wensheng is a different one. Entrepreneurs do not need to background, returnees or large corporate executives and other background as an endorsement, but also stressed that the product and data speak. I believe the user and traffic must be realized, dare not before the business model. From the grassroots, preference for grassroots entrepreneurs, also believe that Chinese Internet "grass root who in the world".

held in the China Internet innovation and entrepreneurship competition held by Tencent open platform, as a business mentor Cai Wensheng to entrepreneurs put forward ten proposals. He said: the combination of traditional industries and mobile Internet market space is very large. Because the mobile Internet is now more than just fashion, but everyone needs to live."

entrepreneurship should pay attention to what issues to look at the entrepreneur Cai Wensheng gives ten suggestions:

first, don’t try to sell for money through creative, creative execution is not valuable, with countless creative as down-to-earth action;

second, just started the company, if the founders and executives are taking high wages, the probability of success is very low. I see almost 99% of the cases to verify the truth.

third, at the present stage, it is very difficult to start a business on the basis of individual efforts, the entrepreneurs need to build a team, the team must have a good knowledge of products, marketing, management and other areas of talent;

fourth, you can work while doing the project, improve the idea and look for investment at the same time, so the risk is small.

fifth to give the product a good catchy name, easy to spread.

sixth, do products, must comply with the three principles: there are needs, advantages, and benefits.

seventh, good products are slowly formed in continuous dressing process continue to temper. In the Chinese Internet, when the number of users reached a level, the need to cross.

eighth, entrepreneurship to think about the overall market and industry structure after three years. See the change may happen in the future, how do you do, in what position, you will be more valuable, not only keep an acre.

ninth, with the user will have a business model, and is not a good idea to find a user.

tenth, each killer application, is a traffic entrance. To achieve the ultimate application.

Phoenix Science and technology news November 12th news, today morning pat Network announced the eleven part of the day of the data in the same time, the amount of the amount of the micro shop pat than the average daily growth of more than 300% in October, accounting for nearly 60% of the total station.

According to the

pat Network official data, pat net single amount of 150% more than last year eleven over the same period, pat pat micro shop order amount than the October average daily growth of more than 300%, accounting for nearly 40% of total station.

micro shop orders accounted for more than three categories were the most famous jewelry and clothing accessories, shoes and bags; micro shop orders amount accounted for more than three categories were the most mobile phone digital, clothing accessories and jewelry products.

pat micro shop mainly rely on the seller through WeChat, hand Q drainage and fans brought marketing. Shanghai Volkswagen brand, which ran in the middle of the car to pat the platform reservation activities of the 200 users under a single.

      now almost everyone wants to make money through AdSense, and put it as a quick and simple and feasible way to be happy is Wangzhuan, AdSense can make you rich. But a lot of people on the low price per click ads and distress (foreigners are also very upset ah! Leeron note). The original author operates a HTNET website, the author admits he did not on the site for AdSense optimization, of course, this is a cause of low income, but after several years of observation, the author puts forward 5 very enlightening suggestions. It is expected that the 5 proposals will also apply to the country, and that those who are struggling to find the theme of the site to find inspiration!

      1 non technical field: the author thinks TECH is a reason for its low income, because the Geek is usually extremely sensitive to advertising smell, their advertising away; and most of the use of a large number of Firefox advertising shielding; then said technical aspects of the site too much. Geek has quite a few of them think trust website to obtain information, maybe they learned information before you did. So, if you want to do the technical aspects of the site or blog to make AdSense money, you’d better adjust the plan, or the future regret is you! However, there is no shortcut to earn AdSense can go, you should stay away from tech content sites or blogs, such as 2 of the content.

      2 best attention to legal or medical content. Why? Lawyers and doctors are relatively high income occupations, so people generally avoid dealing with them, after all, too expensive, in fact, most people do not want to spend the money. So many people look to the Internet to get information, they prefer to find a lot of useless information from their own, do not want to consult experts. And if you build this site or blog is actually very simple, you can use Wikipedia Wikipedia or Google Blog search for health and legal aspects of the material.

      3 sites should have some interaction. There’s nothing worse than not updating the website for a long time, maybe you don’t have enough time to update the website, but one thing to keep in mind is that the network should be interactive, especially with the visitors! In order to give visitors a good experience, should pay attention to the following aspects: the site should avoid compulsory registration, which is the biggest killer stop interactive; do not set the member area, in front of the powerful search engine crawling robot, it all becomes meaningless, you enrich the content of it, and then to take them as donations open to your visitors.

      4 make your site easy to remember. Try to think of the two web sites: http: //exampl>

"brush drill" (source: Beijing Evening News)

"we charge 7800 yuan for a crown." "It’s too expensive, someone else has an offer of $3000." The brushing method is not the same as the prices of course is not the same, we hand one day brush not much, of course, easy software brush, a brush for two or three days, but who believe? He offer you expensive, actually worth 1000……"

this is the reporter pretending to shop owner with a brush drill company "dialogue. Often online shopping, people know that the crown is the highest level of Taobao credit, 10 thousand praise in order to get a crown logo, it is not easy, diamond class (the top 250) sellers have been very proud of. But now, the "crown" is the price tag pedding, and continues to drop the discount itself seems to be a satire — in the continuous depreciation of credit. Many buyers in doubt, and now the shop also credit it?

manual covert

brush more and more "real"

now, the first step is the first step to see a lot of buyers shop credit score. In Taobao’s credit rating system, the seller successfully completed a deal to get a high praise, get a point, 250 points to get a diamond logo, a crown of 1 to get a crown. High credit rating will attract a lot of buyers, so diamond seller, crown seller has become the pursuit of many shopkeepers goal.

so brush drill company came into being, the seller does not need to run the business to accumulate praise, someone specifically to help you brush credit. A few years later, brush drill is more and more crazy, now has almost become a behavior in a flagrant way.

online shopping face the drop of confidence, brush drill rampant phenomenon, not long ago, taobao.com made a series of measures to crack down on speculation, seller reputation, and seized more than 60 thousand credit speculation serious sellers.

after the credit storm ", to stop the behavior of the brush drill really? The reporter unannounced visits to the several brush drill company found, in order to cope with the examination, brush drill method has become more and more subtle, more and more" real ", just want to brush, can help you get a seamless brush".


McCain trend

instead of manual software

Senior customer service

a brush drill company website seems quite senior, and reporter Kan on the development trend of the industry. According to him, which lasted more than two years of brush drill Market, gradually formed at least two trends, one is some websites represented by the manual work, most of them have the characteristics of safety, speed and high price, especially for some just started the shop brush reputation; another is to work for the software on behalf of the brush, products mainly to 0.1 yuan in 0.01 yuan, their characteristic is that the security there is a big risk, low price, fast speed, a lot of two Tiancheng crown. "Which one do you choose? I think there are two advantages,"

whether it is a handsome high ponytail or elegant strapless dress, or "outside the pavilion, road side, beautiful red carpet into the film" graduation…… In a word, summer is really coming. To make efficient and quick you live comfortably in the summer, nature cannot do without the new Lenovo print to accompany.

Lenovo Chan is the industry’s first Internet printer, since the products began to sell in the Jingdong, user acclaim, sales of superb reputation, become young people preferred. From June 18th to June 30th, Lenovo print in Jingdong opened the "quality Carnival" promotion, all activities during the Jingdong to buy Lenovo proprietary printing products users can enjoy the specific evaluation with a E card, free on-site installation and other concessions.

purchase link: http://sale.jd.com/act/Gi4rJLcEKdVDI3.html


Lenovo is small in appearance, high Yan absolute value, completely subvert the traditional printer you stupid and heavy impression. In the design, the new Lenovo printer respect aesthetics, the overall design is fresh, smart, affinity. In the air outlet to take petal design, the moment is full of wonderful texture. In addition, the new Lenovo printer with high precision molding, 360 degree corner, even on the back of the United States and the United States. Especially small volume, and the area is A4 almost, is the real "A4 waist", height and a coke height similar, fashion is exquisite, it is a beautiful art, is a different from the Internet printer to print.


in addition, many people think that the printer is a high-tech equipment, you may find it difficult to install. The new printer "Jane" off the physical panel, Windows, Android, IOS cross platform, a variety of intelligent devices to connect seamlessly, whether by mobile phone, PAD, as long as the finger that can print, copy, scan. The installation process is very easy to install new printer interface, simple and easy to understand, very easy to use, if USB is installed only 1 steps, WIFI installed only 3 steps, which greatly reduces the installation threshold, as long as the operation of mobile phone, everyone can smooth installation, smooth printing.

of course, reflect the strength and print printer faster, the printing process to print toner or cardboard, durable, this is really hard. In the printing efficiency, the new Lenovo printer absolute energy. Small print per minute up to 22 pages, is an effective printing assistant, the "L" type ultra short straight paper, dual clutch paper rolling system, can effectively prevent the cardboard; at the same time, the new high precision double beam laser system, easy to achieve high resolution and low noise, when only 50DB, a a very quiet operating environment. From the number of pages to print, the new implementation of toner capacity expansion, the highest print up to 1500 pages.


[TechWeb] reported on December 9th, according to foreign media reports, YAHOO may give up the acquisition of Hulu, instead of Alibaba acquisition Hulu. After the acquisition together with Hulu plus $10 billion in cash to redeem YAHOO shares in Alibaba.

YAHOO recently in strategic adjustment. Because Asia is far from the United States, this part of the value can not resonate with the strategic value of the United States, so YAHOO intends to sell assets in asia.

currently, YAHOO holds 40% shares of the Alibaba, if the $14 billion deal directly, will deliver a huge tax.

so, with the Hulu exchange method arises at the historic moment.

, of course, some people think that the plan is Arabian Nights. Because Hulu’s parent doesn’t want to sell Hulu.

in addition, if there is such a thing, the use of cash will be sufficient to peel off (cash-rich split-off), you can avoid tax, but the process and content are very complex. (Bo Ning)